Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blue Lacy in Blue Bonnets

When he's outside,  Claude doesn't usually stop moving around long enough for me to get a decent picture of him. The only way to get him to hold still for a second out in the fresh air is to get him lying down....but he had too many things to explore today to lie down in the bluebonnets for us, especially while the rest of his "pack" stood around him. Consequently, I haven't managed to get any great shots of Claude in the blue bonnets yet....but I'm still trying.
Here's what I do have so far for March, 2012, all taken at the edge of our tiny backyard orchard in Driftwood, Texas.
Claude the Blue Lacy , age 14 and a half, sniffing the Spring air.
Claude always investigating who's been around lately.....

Claude's doing great, particularly for his age, in terms of both physical and mental health. At 14+years old, he still runs all over the house twice a day after meals, burning off excess energy. And he still bares his teeth to grin up at people when he first meets or sees them. He's consistently sweet, often funny, and always thoroughly beloved- a happy camper who enjoys life and loves everybody. We hope to have him around for years more.