Friday, August 13, 2010

Update: August, 2010

With any luck at all, Claude will turn 13 around Thanksgiving, and he still plays and runs around like a puppy. He has amassed a respectable collection of well-chewed Frisbees.

Claude's always been a cool dog, but used to be kind of a handful. Texas Blue Lacy's are a seriously energetic breed, bred to work hard all day, every day in the Texas heat, and their energy will find an outlet one way or the other. But since we started watching "The Dog Whisperer", we've learned a lot about how dogs think; this has helped immeasurably. Claude's become a darn near perfect dog- a consistently "calm, submissive pack member", happier than ever and a total joy to be with.

I'm sorry to morph into what may seem like a commercial, but I highly recommend that ALL dog owners (or anyone considering getting a dog) watch "The Dog Whisperer" on the National Geographic channel. If you don't have cable, there are also DVD's and books by Cesar Milan (whose DNA will probably reveal that he is part canine- he TOTALLY gets dogs...).

Claude's not much for doing tricks, but we couldn't be prouder of his behavior.
He'll sit and lie down on command, and will pick up and bring anything you ask for if he can get it loose and lift it. He has a large vocabulary and learns quickly. But he's a working breed and wants his paws on the ground and ready for action, so he absolutely refuses to offer his paw to "shake". Luckily he's not running for office!